Alternative Colour - ZenzTherapy Alternative Colour - 80colors With Zero Ammonia, Resorcinol and PPD, ZenzTherapy Alternative Colour contains natural ingredients noni , jojoba, essential oils tea tree, rosemary and lavender offering a soft organic alternative with 80 shades and 100% coverage Noni and Jojoba deliver the ancient remedy of healing , moisture, hydration & restructure while it’s unique anti-oxidant properties maintain a healthy balance for the hair and scalp. ZenzTherapy Alternative color respects to the highest degree, the hair, skin & scalp making it safe & consistent in its ability to perform and is attuned with colourists and client expectations. ZenzTherapy Alternative Color is the ultimate in hair color choice taking care for both the inner & outer environments. is based on our philosophy of what we omit from our products is as important as what we add! A creative colour system that provides safety and assurance for both the client but most importantly the colourist.